ANNOUNCEMENT for all students of cymatics:

Here's How You Can Make Your Own

“Beautiful Cymatic Plate Images”...

In Your Own Home Or Studio WITHOUT Having To: Machine Metal, Do Electrical Wiring Or Spend Days On Frustrating "Failed Experiments"...

Best Of All, Your One-Of-A-Kind Cymatic Violin Will Be Based On The Model The "Father Of Acoustics" Used In 1787 In Parlor Demonstrations To Amaze Victorian Audiences!

Your Own Cymatic Instrument Will Be Hand-Built For You And
Delivered To Your Doorstep

From: Jodina, Editor of the Journal Of Cymatics

Re: LIMITED EDITION of Cymatic Violins To Be Built In Vermont!

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the most amazing cymatic designs can be made without any electronics at all, using a little-known technique that the "Father of Acoustics" developed in the 1700's?

Did you know that you can learn to create cymatic designs with this technique in less than five minutes, using a cymatic instrument that has been hidden away for two centuries?

Did you know that, for years, people just like you have been searching for a way to easily make their own beautiful cymatic designs...but because cymatics is such a specialized phenomenon (known only to a select few) it’s been virtually impossible to recreate these images yourself?

You probably didn’t know all that, and if so, it’s perfectly understandable. You are not alone...

The Secret To Making Cymatic Images
Is Nearly Impossible To Find

This situation is not your fault. The truth is, the secrets to exactly how to build and activate the devices to create those beautiful cymatics images are simply not available. Or if they are, they are so buried in pages and pages of overwhelming, confusing text that they might as well be written on stone tablets and buried in a landslide.

Over the past five years, since starting the Journal of Cymatics, I’ve watched the interest in this amazing phenomenon skyrocket… yet the way to actually create the designs stays locked away, only accessible to people who have a degree in engineering or electronics...why is this?

I’m not sure, but I do know that you can’t be expected to sift through pages of tiny text, confusing instructions and “hints” on obscure forums...if you’ve ever tried to find instructions for how to make your own cymatics images I’m sure you know what I mean. 

For every lead you follow, there’s a dead end, some random references to transducers and peizioelectric crystals, or worse, just a “404 page not found.”

The most frustrating thing is, even if you do manage to find and copy out some kind of information...actually putting something together that works is another story, right?

Well, I’ve decided to do something about this. As you may know, in addition to running the Journal of Cymatics and the School of Cymatics online, I am also a professional artist who uses cymatics as my “medium.” For years I have only created cymatics devices for my own artistic practice...however...

Today I have come to a decision. I will tell you about that in a moment, but first, I have a confession to make. And something to tell you that I think will make you very happy:

You Can Make Your First Cymatic Images On This Beautiful Instrument In
Under Three Minutes!

Listen: I have a confession to make. The first time I tried to play a cymatic plate, it took me 3 months before I was even able to create ONE design.

I can still remember how incredibly frustrating it was!... I had built my own cymatic plate following the hints and tips I’d found online and in books. I was sure everything was right. I’d gone to the trouble to get a heavy brass plate drilled and counter-sunk, adapted an old music stand to hold my plate and even bought a violin bow just to give it a try, and...nothing. 

Every time I tried to get a design to show on my plate (and I tried nearly every day at least once) I got absolutely nothing! You can imagine how frustrating it was. Here I thought I’d done everything right, and not one design would even begin to form, no matter how many times I drew my bow along the plate’s edge...

So, finally, I called up a “master” of cymatics to see if he could shed some light on what I was doing wrong. He was (and is) an engineer and metal machinist, so I thought maybe he could help. Here’s what he told me:

There Are 3 “Technical Secrets” To Getting
Your Cymatic Plate To Work

Turns out, I was doing exactly 3 things wrong...

I can’t explain everything here but basically they had to do with what was on the edge of my plate, the way the plate was connected to the stand, and how I was pulling the bow along the edge. Three “very simple things”...without which I’d been at a complete dead end.

Can you imagine how excited I was when I fixed those three things and finally saw my first cymatic design form in front of my eyes - right on the same plate I’d been struggling with for months? I remember we were standing in the basement of my house (where I had my old studio before I moved downtown)...It was truly thrilling!

That’s why I’ve decided to build a handful of true cymatic plates for a few other people than myself today.

Here’s the important part: I am going to include, inside your box, the complete instructions for playing your plate including the three tips that the “master” gave me that day in the basement. So you will be able to create your first design in under 3 minutes!

The cymatic violin you’re about to discover is a modeled exactly on the plate that I use personally in my studio and for demonstrations. It is not a “beginner’s model” or something I cooked up just to sell...this is the genuine article.

You see, I wanted you to have the same advantage I do in owning a “pro” level plate, but without having to to find, drill and assemble all the different pieces yourself like I did...

YOUR cymatic plate will be a shiny new copy of the handheld model I designed and now use (I prefer it to the floor model) which is held and played exactly like a violin...except you don’t need to know how to play a violin!

Seriously, I have no idea how to play a violin. That doesn’t matter, because a cymatic plate is simple to play, once you know the three secrets I will include in your package....

It will be lightweight (my first one wasn’t), easy to hold and - this is important - simply beautiful to look at.

Here’s What Your Violin Will Look And Feel Like:

Your brass plate violin top will be custom cut, edge-polished and drilled with a ⅝” counter-sunk hole in the exact center

It will come with a polished wooden rosewood handle (please note: I can only use the rosewood handles as long as they are available, so if you want one of those you should order soon)

Included in your package will be one full size horse-hair strung fiberglass violin bow

Your brass violin plate will be professionally powder-coated (this is the best way to get that super-smooth surface so there is the least friction possible and so the salt will move freely enough to create those beautiful designs)...

You will also receive one box of Hidersine Deluxe Cello/Violin Rosin (for your bow)

I will even toss in an extra hexbolt in case you lose one, plus an allen wrench in the correct size so you can make any adjustments you like to your violin (or even disassemble it if you want).

And, of course, one box of pure sea salt so that you don’t even have to go to the grocery store for that :-)

As you can see I have included everything you could possibly need to start playing your violin immediately after you take it out of the box, with no delay or extra materials needed!

I Can't Take Full Credit For This
“Pro” Cymatic Plate Design

To tell you the truth, I was really lucky when I got started with cymatics. It’s a weird story actually:

As you may know I live in Vermont, and I just happened to find an old copy of the ONLY book on Cymatics printed at the time at my little, local library when I was there one day browsing the art books, looking for inspiration...

I can still remember the moment I saw my first amazing cymatic was when I opened the cover of this big, heavy book, and instantly I remembered a dream I’d had 3 years before, where I was standing in a big, dark room filled with all these paintings that I had made “in the future”...

The paintings in my dream were all black, with beautiful, amorphous white designs rising up out of the centers of the picture. At the time, I had no idea what cymatics were, and no clue what the pictures were supposed to be of. But I started trying to draw what I’d seen in my dream anyway...

About 3 years went by as I sketched and painted the strange, black and white images from my dream in charcoal and chalk...and then, I discovered Hans Jenny’s book “Cymatics.”  Suddenly...

I knew I was seeing the “paintings” from my dream staring me in the face! That’s when I knew I needed to learn how to make these designs using sound waves instead of charcoal or paint. But...

I had no idea how.

I started experimenting by myself using all kinds of materials (glass, paper, even some Remco drum heads)... but after a year of struggling, I still wasn’t any closer to making a single cymatic design. Then...

I met a “master” of cymatics engineering, pretty much by accident! I had found this guy’s name mentioned online in a forum somewhere online, and decided to take a chance and just call him up. Turned out, not only was he the co-creator of the world’s only true scientific instrument (the CymaScope), but he lived just 30 miles from my hometown! So...

Long story short, we ended up meeting at my house and he showed me how to make the first designs on a brass plate that he gave me to use (he’s also the one who showed me those 3 mistakes I was making). Like I say, it was a case of extreme luck. Of course...

It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to call up a master of cymatics and find one living practically on your doorstep, right? That’s why I’ve taken what I learned from my own “trial and error” over the past 7 years and designed this hand-held, easy to use cymatic violin that you can simply take out of the box and start playing.

You Could Try To Create One Of These
From Scratch Yourself, But...

Why reinvent the cymatic wheel if you don’t have to? Why spend hundreds of hours searching for plans online, hunting for a metal shop, a machine shop, a violin shop, and a hardware store in your hometown (then “hoping” your model will work) when I’ve done all the work for you?

Imagine how much easier it would be to just order exactly the model you want, open the box when it arrives, and start making cymatics designs in under 3 minutes?…

Believe me, I can tell you from experience, it will actually save you time and money over trying to make your own, too. Failing over and over gets expensive  after a while ;-)

Just imagine…

Within minutes, you’ll be making cymatics designs in your own home or studio

Feeling the vibration of the sound as it travels from bow to metal right in your hands…

Showing your friends the phenomenon of cymatics with your very own plate!

Being able to photograph your new cymatics designs and share them online...

Knowing that you've invested in an “archival” quality instrument that is built to last (beyond your lifetime if you take good care of it).

And having the opportunity to share the amazing phenomenon of cymatics with your friends and family (and students if you’re a teacher)...

Beware: Amateur Cymatics Can Get Expensive

If all of this isn't a solid enough reason for you to own one of my hand-made cymatic violins, I'll give you one more:

Your wallet.

You may have experienced this to some degree already, but...

Did I mention that FAILING over and over trying to create these complex designs can get just a bit expensive?...I’m just speaking from experience here. I’ve literally sunk over $3,000 into cymatics devices that didn’t even work the first time.

I don’t know: maybe you’re better than me at figuring out complex electronic and acoustic systems, but...if you’re not, you’re probably in for the same long hours I was in my basement, trying to piece together a bunch of wires and plates and getting literally no results, day after day. Honestly...

Did I even tell you how many perfectly good amps I’ve blown up?? Or how much stuff I’ve bought at Radio Shack that didn’t work?? My made-for-you “pro” acoustic violin avoids this frustration altogether.

Why It's Just $197

In case you’re thinking, "Okay Jodina…if this is truly a full-scale, high quality instrument why is it only $197? Most musical instruments you’d invest in will run me anywhere from $250 to $10,000...or more.” Yes, I know.

In fact, even if you just want to pick up a “beginner guitar” online you could still end up paying $350 or more. Here’s something I haven’t told you though...I have a mission beyond making art with cymatics myself.

That mission is to spread the word about cymatics in every possible way that I can, and to bring this hidden phenomenon into the spotlight, so that the cymatic advances in science can move forward at ten times the pace they are today. I dream of seeing cymatics taught in our schools one day right along with math and biology...

...I also dream that one day you’ll be able to walk up to any kid on the street and ask them what “cymatics” is, and they will be able to tell you without blinking an eye.

That’s my “big dream.” That’s why I started the Journal of Cymatics and the School of Cymatics, even though I’m actually kind of a shy person and would really rather be just this “solitary artist” making work quietly in my studio everyday...

And that’s why I am making these instruments as affordable as possible (without cutting corners or using any plastic). So that anyone who really wants to can easily own one. In fact, I’m so dedicated to this cause that I’ve started...

The Cymatic Scholarship Program

Now, you may be thinking that there are still some people in the world who can’t afford even $197 for a professional instrument, no matter how great a deal that is. Well, I agree with you: I’m sure there are. At one point in my life, I was one of them! And that’s why I’ve set up a “Cymatic Scholarship Program” to give those people a chance to own a cymatic violin one day too...

Here’s how it works:

1. 5% of the price of every violin that is sold gets donated to my Cymatic Scholarship Program

2. Even at an extremely low price point like $197, that means nearly $10 from every sale goes to the scholarship program!

3. The result is that for every 20 violins sold, I can give away a violin to someone who really needs one, totally free. (For example, someone living with a chronic illness, or a child whose parents can’t afford one).

So when you purchase a cymatic violin today, you are also contributing to the cause of  “cymatics around the world,” and giving a chance to someone less fortunate to be able to own their own cymatic instrument someday, too...

My "Cymatics Image In Minutes" Guarantee

If you open the box, rosin up your bow and can’t make your first beautiful image on your cymatic violin in 5 minutes or less, you’ll have 2 options on what to do next:

1. You can call me up (I’ll include my personal phone number in your box) and I will personally instruct you, step by step, until you can make beautiful images. Or...

2. You can return your cymatic violin anytime within 30 days and I will refund every penny (including shipping).

Now, I realize that is an amazing guarantee, and I would never be able to make a guarantee like that unless I was 100% confident that my cymatic violins are both top quality and easy to play. However, I am 100% confident, because I own one myself!

How's that for fair? However

Here’s the catch:

I Can Only Make 50 Plates. 

Please pay attention because this is very important. Especially if you were hoping to get a cymatics plate without a long wait...

Time is critical if you want to order today… and here is why. Because I can only make so many plates at a time in my studio - including putting in my metal order, getting everything powder coated and so on - I have to limit each run of cymatics violins I make to a certain number. This time around the limit is: 50 

There is no exception to this quantity limit, and I will not take any orders beyond that number for this set of plates. So if you click the order button and get a message that says “SOLD OUT” I apologize ahead of time...

You may be able to put your name on a waiting list, but please be aware that you will then have to wait for me to finish out this run of making the violins and shipping them out, then wait until I am able to start the whole process again in several weeks to a couple months (depending on my art schedule). I’m sure you understand: I have to make sure that I get these first 50 plates out in a timely fashion, so that is why I have to limit this order to 50… with no exceptions.

YES! Give Me Instant Access
To Order My Cymatic Violin
Today With No Delay!

Your Price For The “Pro” Cymatic Violin Set Today: $300 $250 

Today Only $197

This Product is not currently on sale.



As an extra benefit, I won’t make any of the pieces of your cymatic violin out of plastic or “resin” (just another fancy name for plastic). Everything is made from either metal, glass, or wood...and even the powder you sprinkle on top is pure sea salt! That means you get the peace of mind of knowing that your new cymatic device is environmentally sound as well as of the highest quality. And...

On top of that, I also promise that I won’t send your “environmentally sound” product swathed in bubble wrap! (Doesn’t it drive you crazy when people do that??)...I will only use bio-degradeable packing, even if it costs me a little more. It’s worth it :-)

WARNING: Don’t Make My Mistake

When I was 15 years old I learned how to build things in the shop with my Dad. I learned how to drill a straight hole, how to construct a 3-D object from floor to roof and how to saw a board by hand. So I thought that it would be pretty straightforward to make an instrument from the 1700’s and get it to work, right? Wrong!

You see, building it wasn’t a problem (given my carpentry skills) was the element of sound that I hadn’t accounted for. Back then, I really didn’t know anything about the laws of acoustics or how sound waves really work...and that’s exactly where I got stuck for 3 months!

Don’t make my mistake. If you’re really excited to start making your own cymatics designs today, you’ll want to take the easier route and get your first cymatic plate delivered straight to your door with no delay.

Click here to get started in the next 3 minutes

P.S. Remember, this is a solid brass cymatic instrument based on a design by the “Father of Acoustics” in the 1700’s. I normally only use this instrument for my own work in the studio and for live demonstrations (I actually used a plate just like this for a live demo at Sir Richard Branson’s lodge in the Virgin Islands not too long ago)... So this is a very rare chance to get one made to order yourself. This is a true cymatic device, and it's 100% guaranteed so you can't possibly lose money. HOWEVER I am only making 50 at this time remember so please put your order in today, otherwise I’ll have to put you on the waiting list for some time down the road...

This Product is not currently on sale.



As an extra benefit, I won’t make any of the pieces of your cymatic violin out of plastic or “resin” (just another fancy name for plastic). Everything is made from either metal, glass, or wood...and even the powder you sprinkle on top is pure sea salt! That means you get the peace of mind of knowing that your new cymatic device is environmentally sound as well as of the highest quality. And...

On top of that, I also promise that I won’t send your “environmentally sound” product swathed in bubble wrap! (Doesn’t it drive you crazy when people do that??)...I will only use bio-degradeable packing, even if it costs me a little more. It’s worth it :-)

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